Yellowstone Entry No. 2

Now for the Yellowstone blog entry by Adam. While Aaron talked about the geological stuff, i will talk about the wildlife. We saw many wild animals, including, deer, elk, bison, moose, and tourists. All of the bison we saw were alone and sitting on the side of the road or in the fields being kinda lazy. 
We saw two that were walking down the road ahead of us like they thought they were cars, and this caused a traffic jam. This incident lead to a joke I made: “They’re big, lazy, and they stop in the middle of the road. They are…. TOURISTS!” We also saw lots of grazing deer, sometimes standing with the bison. I only saw one moose, so I don’t have to worry about the plural for that, because the plural for moose has always confused me (moose, mooses, meese). While we were taking a walk around Yellowstone (did you know that it is legal to hitchhike in Yellowstone?) we saw some elk, and they were somehat ingoring all the tourists unless the tourists got too close then they moved a few feet. Our grandpa managed to get a good shot through all of the tourists:
And finally the most populated species of wildlife found in Yellowstone, the tourists:

That’s all for today, folks! See you next week for another exciting episode of Going Wild with the Hernandi!