Magic Bean Plant

Two Sundays ago Arianna and her friends planted magic beans during Worship Center.  They are preparing for the start of gardening season and the planting of the Heifer Garden.*

So the beans aren’t really magic beans, but the one we have is growing pretty quickly.  (I guess that’s why it’s Jack and the Beanstalk, instead of Jack and the tomato plant.) Here is what the bean plant looks like after almost 2 weeks:

* The Heifer Garden is a tradition at our church.  The children’s worship center plants and tends the garden.  Then they sell the vegetables to people.  All the money raised is used to buy animals through The Heifer Project.  Last year, they bought a goat.

Spring Break Cake

Arianna needed something to do today to keep occupied.  I suggested baking a cake and she got excited about decorating it.  Arianna baked it and we made the icing from scratch. Unfortunately I didn’t have the presence of mind to take a picture of it before she cut it and and the eating began.  (It was a face with two yellow stars for eyes and lots of  sprinkle freckles.) But here is the one I got:

She cut it herself. The lines “curved a little.”