Adam’s New Drums

I got my new acoustic (not electric) drum last saturday, and i have been playing them just about every day this week. i love them because you can make all kinds of effects and sounds you can’t make on an electric one. my favorite thing though is tha high hat actaully sounds diferent open or closed (the high hat is the two cymbals on one rod).

The drums came separately and we had to put them toghther, even the heads (the part you hit with the drumsticks).

That’s me about halfway done putting the drums together. My dad helped, but he’s taking the picture. It came with very confusing and undetailed instructions, so we ended up calling my drum teacher, and he gave us a website to help us until he could come over. Here’s a picture at the beginning where I’m just starting to put the bass drum together.

Well, I’m off to pratice on my new drums!