First day of school, one week later

   In case you haven’t guessed, the last couple of weeks have been pretty busy. That’s why all these recent blog entries are somewhat out of their real order: Cyndi’s extended birthday followed by Arianna’s first time without training wheels, followed by Family Camp, followed by first week of school, followed by the beginning of hockey season for Adam(plays on the Bantam division Wild) and Dad(plays on the beer division Broncos), coincident with the end of cycling season for Adam and Dad. On Friday, we went to a Tiger’s game, where they whipped the Seattle Mariners(sorry, Morgy), followed by Friday night fireworks at the ball park. Mom and Dad started singing in church choir Sunday, while the kids started their respective youth group programs. The boys also started their church Lego team in August.
   What comes next is the start of music lessons for Aaron(he was taking clarinet lessons for about a year, but might switch to guitar or bass) and gymnastics lessons for Arianna(which she chose over more skating lessons). Also on the schedule is Adam’s 8th grade picnic and Arianna’s birthday and party. Whew!
   So anyway, the kids started school, and here is the annual picture in front of the school sign, which we really did take on the first full day of school last Wednesday. Over the summer, Dad went to a longer schedule, and, sticking to that for a little while at least, this means starting school earlier than last year. That’s why it is dark.

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