Cyndi’s birthday, back in August

   A couple of weeks ago, Mommy had a birthday. We’ve been pretty busy lately, so having the birthday was complicated. Here we go:
   On the actual birthday, August 23, we gave mommy our homemade cards and she got her first gift: a new raincoat, like daddy’s. That night, there was a choir party to kick off the new season, so we went over there to socialize, and they put candles on a cake they already had and sang to her(it was the choir, so it was good).
   A couple of days later, we had time to make a birthday cake. All the kids played a part in the production, and of course, Arianna had to do the ‘aigs’. You can see from the photo that we didn’t have enough candles, so once again(this wasn’t the first time), we did her age in binary: lit candles are ones, and unlit ones are zeros. Aaron successfully figured out how many candles we needed and which ones to light. Aaron can also count in hexadecimal. Yea, math! Because we wanted to eat it that night, we didn’t let the cake cool down very much. Later, we realized what the implications were: first, the candles melted into the cake(good thing wax is not bad for you) and second, the frosting and all the letters started drooping all over the place, so the cake looks like it was suffering from palsy. Oops, but it made Cyndi laugh. Aaron was the photorgrapher, which is why he is not in the picture.
   A couple of days after that, some of the gifts we ordered finally arrived. She got a new bicycle pump for her mountain bike, and a new set of sunglasses. Both were either busted or worn out(yup, Cyndi on a mountain bike…). So, I think it was nice to stretch out the birthday over a few days. Now we need to find time to celebrate our anniversary, seeing as to how we are back in the same state/same country.

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