We are the Hernandez family. Our domain name is Hernandi.com because our friends think it's a funny plural version of Hernandez. There are five people in the family: a mom, a dad, an older brother, a not-quite-as-old brother, and a little sister. When we launched this web page in March of 2007, the older brother is in 7th grade, the not as old brother is in 5th grade, and the little sister is in kindergarden. The dad and the mom are both engineers. Here are their names: Ed is the dad, Cyndi is the mom, Adam is the big brother, Aaron is the smaller brother, and Arianna is the little sister. This paritcular web page is being designed mostly by Aaron the 5th grader, with some input from the dad, but all the other pages were made by the named family members.

Family 2006 Drawing

artwork by Aaron Hernandez , September 2006