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normal + 5 years = Easter

Look! I finally updated my page! You should really know what i actually like to do.

My last page said I was the master at the Solar System, I still know all that stuff but now I'm focusing on mastering the Periodic Table of Elements. I have already memorized most of the easy stuff like gold(Au), silver(Ag), hydrogen(H), helium(He), oxygen(O) and my favorite, tungsten(W). PS.i know all lot more than what i just said.

    Favorite color
  • purple
  • neon orange
  • lime green
  • my favorite color does NOT change every week
    Things I like to do
  • Make bracelets
  • play soccer
  • do sketches
  • read books
  • hang out with my friends
  • Tessa
  • Elizabeth
  • Sarah
  • Ariel
  • Libby
  • Reema
  • Rory
  • Carrie
  • grace
  • sanjana
  • and a whole lot more

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last updated 6 January 2012