Aaron is a boy at age 13. He is very creative(and likes to talk in third person). He has a Robot kit from parallax called the boe-bot. He has been interested in legos for a very long time (mostly the robitcs now, though), and is also obsesed with computers. He makes his own games, using gamemaker. He's a quick learner, and is very good at it. This page used to say that his classmates also have the program, but they're not his classmates anymore. He's in middle school now, and all the people who had it are still in upper elementary. He's also really good at drawing and talented in music. He's very into fantasy stories and thanks to his book of dragonology, he can't decide whether he believes in dragons or not, but either way, he likes them. By the way, his favorite phrases are "I didn't do it!", "Shashoosh!", "Beya", "Timmaaa!", "Itsajackleitsajackle", and "your mom". If you're getting bored already, click here to go back to my family's main page.

I added a page called Aaron's sprites and Images on April 7, 2007 with some of my animations on it. And another page called Aaron's sketches. It's got some sketches that I have drawn there.


I am now officially a teenager. And for you people who ask "So how does it feel to be 13," please don't... it's getting kind of annoying. It doesn't feel any different.

For once, I actually added something to my art page. Actually, it's been renamed "Aart" page, Aart being a combination of "Aaron" and "art". I posted some of the Gimp edited pictures there. Click here.

I created a webpage that lets a user view four pages at once. Take a look.

ok so i didn't get any prizes for my game in the yoyogames competition. O.o bite me.

This is a cartoon I made using AnimeStudio 5. Read the blog entry I made about it.

I made a new and improved look on this page(not much difference, though)

I created a new music page for all the music i write. Only now have i had enough music to create a seperate page for it.

I am a member of a gamemaker comunity at yoyogames.com. It has forums where people can talk about games, techniques, ask for help, and other random stuff.
I found a forum with people wishing and granting wishes, but corrupting them. It's hilarious. You have to see it. Really. Click here

I had to do a report on the beaver, and this is the result. It's an html-javascript image map(for those of you who know what the heck that is). check it out!

I presented my senior project at school a couple months ago on javascript.This is an example program i wrote for everyone. it's really neat.

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Vista compatible games


Race for Resource
Added: 29 November 2008
By: aaron16


Dude runner
Added: 14 April 2009
By: aaron16

Pwn war 1.1 vista

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