Aaron has been writing some music for his games for a while, but didn't think he had enough to make a page for them all until now. He still has only a few, but the numbers will grow. There Has also been a lot more topics regarding music lately on yoyogames forums. In one of the topics a link was found to a website with one of the user's music. they were pretty good, so here's a link to see for yourself: http://www.freewebs.com/icolu/index.htm. Keep in mind: the reason some of these are so short is because they are ment to be put in a loop.

300 years of darkness

This song was writen for a user called Omegrakai in his game 300(or 3000 i can't rember) years of darkness. After i sent him a PM(private massage) regarding it he said he no longer needed it. Then another forum topic came up with a request for music, and i posted this song there. The user loved it, and put it in his game. Later, Omegrakai posted asking if he could use it again. So now the music is in three games: Omegrakai's, the other user's and my own: gronk(coming soon to hernandi).


This song was written as boss music for my game in progress: gronk. If the name doesn't make sense to you, it's because it's an anagram of the file name(without the file extension).

boss 3

This song was also written for gronk, as music for the final boss(which is not yet programmed).


Written for a game i was working on a while ago(but iv'e given up on), this one is by far my best(and first) piece. It was originally writen for an action game, but as it evolved, it ended up being more fantasy material.

mmbn 3

This song isn't mine, it's a theme for a gameboy game. I got bored one day and dicided to put it in a computer.

rockit lauch

This is the replacement for creeper in that action game. this song fit the role alot better, since it's a wave file, it took like 5 minutes just to load up. Unlike the others, this piece was created with a program called MTV music generator, not a note-by-note music program, which is why it sounds so different.


This song was written for a game I made that is currently entered in a yoyogames competition