Update January 2008

Well, I've been studying CSS, along with my youngest son, Aaron . Aaron first put CSS to use on his webpage last year using transitional HTML. Then I one upped him and rebuilt our home page and this page using XHTML strict and a single sitewide CSS. Then he one upped me by using the site's CSS and a second CSS for him. So what you see on his page combines two CSSs. Not bad for a 7th grader. Finally, I updated Mom's page to use the same sitewide CSS, but so far, it still has no content. We all hope to change that soon...next up, rebuilding my music page and adding more content.

Launch Spring 2006

Hello, I'm Ed 'the dad'. I am an engineer graduated from MIT and working for one of the Big Three. I wrote some web pages to track some of my engineering work, and my kids found out and made me teach them how make web pages. At first, they were local to our computer, but they wanted to publish to the WWW, so we finally bit the bullet, got a domain, hosting service and put up some pages and a blog

I am interested in all sorts of things. I am restoring a car, play hockey, fly R/C planes, build and fly rockets, rubber band powered planes, play, arrange and listen to music (mostly jazz), like writing code, reading books(mostly science fiction), dabble in cosmology, ride road and mountain bikes...

It will be cool to document some of this stuff on the web. I taught my kids HTML using a text editor, but I am using XHTML for this page. I might play with CSS, but that may too complicated for what I think is a pretty basic website so far.The blog will be interesting, and I still need to figure out how to balance the blog with the rest of the website.