Mom and Arianna get sucked in by Nintendo

   This is a picture of a recent trend in the Hernandez household: BOTH
mommy and Arianna playing Nintendo DS. The DS belongs to Aaron , and
the game they are playing is called Animal Crossing. You Russki Dom
alumni out there will recognize that Arianna is ‘perching’, just like
all you guys used to do when waiting your turn to play cards in college.

Dad’s Music Page

   Some of you know that I was in a jazz trio called Blue Skies Trio for a couple of years. Although we broke up when our vocalist/guitar player retired and moved to Florida in 2006, I’ve kept practicing and I decided to try my hand at home recording. I started a new page on our website called Dad’s Music page where you can find more details and download two songs I’ve done so far. Unfortunately, to keep the size down, they are m4a format for now, which might limit you to using iTunes. I’d love to read comments about what you think.

Saving the world with Pysanky eggs

Adam gets road rash

   Ok, first of all, this is no April Fools joke. Second, Adam is ok. Third, good samaritans abound. So, here’s what happened. We went to the training race, and found the front tire very low. Must be an overnight leak, so I pumped up it up and POW, the tube blew well before we got close to specified pressure. So I do a fast tube change for him, but it is really hard to put the tire back on these semi-aero rims, and I must have pinched the new tube putting it on, because it would not hold any pressure at all. So, we went to see if we could borrow a wheel. Sure enough, one of the guys glady handed over his front rim. His name was Josh.
   So Adam starts riding fast laps with the other youth. I got one good picture here
, and set up the video camera for the next lap. They come flying around the corner, wheels get crossed, and Adam goes down! He scraped up his elbow and his tummy. One of the guys brings out the first aid kit and I clean and patch him up. The youth team waits for us, and when Adam is ready, they all take off again.
   A couple of laps later, they stop and do a time trial followed by a handicap race. Adam elects to tough it out for the time trial, but opts not to race, as he is getting sore. So we walk over to Josh, whom we think has been patiently waiting for us. It turns out that Josh spent the time by changing the flat tire! Adam’s front wheel is good to go, and Josh says he’s not surprised my attempt failed because it was really hard to get the tire on without pinching the new tube again. Wow, what a nice group this is. New bike, free flat fixing, and the team waits while Adam get patched up. This group really supports the kids.
   Cyndi will try to get something in tonight about Aaron and Arianna doing Easter Eggs with her yesterday. Adam will try to get his web page up also.

Adam gets a racing bike

   Adam had a very pleasant surprise after our ride with the youth team of the local youth cycling club today: they lent Adam the club youth racing bike! It is way more modern compared to my racing bike(but wait…). It is a very nice Giant, with a triple front crankset and a 9-speed(!) cassette in the rear, with fancy brake handle mounted shift levers, semi-aero rims, radially laced front spokes, and a carbon-fiber fork. The thing is made of aluminum, and weighs only about 22 lbs or less. The club president told me that Giant donated the bike to the club, and Adam will be the third junior to ride it. I’ll try to take pictures tomorrow.

   The ‘but wait’ part comes from me: I gave Adam my old racing pedals with clips. The bike’s previous riders no doubt upgraded it with their own modern clipless pedals and took them when they graduated to their own bike. So tonight, I was teaching Adam how to clip in and clip out, terms from old school cycling before there were clipless pedals. I made him ride around the block and clip and clip out every other house. He says he’s got it down. I suppose later this summer we may get proper shoes and then clipless pedals at the same time. The club we just joined is the Ann Arbor Velo Club .

   There’s a few things the kids learned from us ‘old school'(like how to mail real letters with pen and paper, what a record player is, etc), and I’m really glad that he’s learning this old school thing about the pedals before he graduates to clipless. I’m especially happy he’s keen on road cycling. Tomorrow is our first race!

Wow, comments already!!!

   I just updated the Dad’s Page from our website(see link on the left) to include some background on me and the website. This and the blog will be fun to maintain. Hope we can maintain the energy. Aaron’s friends at school already downloaded some of the games he’s posted and played them. I think his page probably will have the most traffic for a while. Not bad for a 5th grader…

   Yeah, Jack! Thanks for giving us a read and posting a comment. Yes,
I hope this will generate some traffic with the Ruski Dom type folks. THAT will be an interesting thread on the blog.

   Well, we are off to our church’s Fish Fry fundraiser. Cyndi is one of the youth group leaders and has already been there a while helping to set up. We’re just going there to eat the fruits of her labor. Then there is choir practice for our Easter concert, then I have a hockey game. Tomorrow, Arianna has skating lessons, Aaron has clarinet lessons, and Adam and I will ride our bikes with the local youth cycling team. If Morgy is reading this, last week’s ride in the paceline sure brought back lots of memories, pal!

Inaugural entry!

Woo hoo!  The first ever entry in the Hernandi blog!  What is the momentous news for the occasion?  The first flowers of spring bloomed in my garden today.  Two brave daffodils dared to show their faces.  The others are still holding back, but they’ll come around soon.  The sun is out, even if it is still a bit chilly. 

The Oldsmobile came back from storage, too.  The sure sign of spring in a car guy’s life.  1968 Delta 88, 455, a/c, power brakes & steering – in case you were wondering.  Yes, it drives like a yacht.  It should have those pins sticking out of the steering wheel like on a boat.  Cyndi doesn’t drive it because the parking spaces here are much smaller than the boat dock I learned to park in.

(Can you tell that Cyndi wrote this?)