Running Fit

Adam decided to try track this year, rounding out his extracurricular activities after band and swimming. During the season, which just ended Sunday, he ran 6-7 days a week, and competed in the mile or 1600m, depending on the track. At the last meet, he also ran the 800m. He managed to finish in the top half to top third of the field each time, and this weekend, achieved his goal of 5min 30sec for the mile. I was proud that he finished strongly, reeling in and passing fellow competitors during the entire run and especially during the last lap.

Although I’m glad to be done with the taxi service(and the gasoline bill that comes with it), I’m happy Adam tried all these things freshman year. He was on the marching band(and went to Hawaii), was on the varsity swim team, and ran with the varsity track team. I think high school is great for getting exposed to these things, the circles of friends included, and the competitive spirit. And, I’m glad he’s staying fit.

PS: Mom, sheck out those musculos!

PPS: Running Fit is a local store where I got my running shoes, and where Adam got his. One of his former middle school teachers works there. Adam tried on mine, first, which he fit perfectly, but needed something for his specific style and shape of foot. During the Hawaii trip, Adam wore my water shoes and marched in my tennis shoes.

PPPS: Aaron went skating this weekend, and also wears my skates. Can we recycle or what?