Adam Plays with Electricity, Downstairs Nearly Finished!

   Today, I finished painting the last wall of the downstairs family room. Cyndi picked a nice, off white cream type color that was also used upstairs. Since we painted over the paneling, we had to replace the dark brown electrical outlets with white ones. So I taught Adam how to do it, from finding the circuit breaker, to checking the outlet, to replacing it. Of course, I didn’t think to take pictures until he was done, but oh well.

   Also, here are pictures of the project in progress. I found an older picture of the windows treatments that came with the house. They were sort of upholstered fake curtain things that Cyndi’s been wanting to pitch for a long time. Also, she didn’t like these pink vertical blinds:

   So, they went to the curb, and she got moulding for the windows, measuring and cutting them with a miter saw and box:

Arianna got into the act by helping Cyndi put down moulding with her flowery colored hammer:

Here’s Adam putting the finishing touches on his work. No, I didn’t tell him to stick his fingers in there like Uncle Mark did to see if he connected the wires properly:

And here’s the final product:

We need to put some finishing touches on the wall above the mantle piece, then finish the edges of the mantle piece itself. After that, I can rewire the surround sound speakers and we’re back in business. Then we gotta clean the house….