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Inaugural entry!

Woo hoo!  The first ever entry in the Hernandi blog!  What is the momentous news for the occasion?  The first flowers of spring bloomed in my garden today.  Two brave daffodils dared to show their faces.  The others are still holding back, but they’ll come around soon.  The sun is out, even if it is still a bit chilly. 

The Oldsmobile came back from storage, too.  The sure sign of spring in a car guy’s life.  1968 Delta 88, 455, a/c, power brakes & steering – in case you were wondering.  Yes, it drives like a yacht.  It should have those pins sticking out of the steering wheel like on a boat.  Cyndi doesn’t drive it because the parking spaces here are much smaller than the boat dock I learned to park in.

(Can you tell that Cyndi wrote this?)