About us

Some years ago, when my boys were, let’s see, 13 and 11, they asked me how websites work. So I taught them how to hard code a site in html. We put these pages on our PC, which was fun, but then they asked me if we could put it on the internet. I thought, “Why not?” We got a domain and a hosting service, and the rest is history.

Each family member has a page on the site(in various stages of sophistication and, um, staleness). Early this year, Aaron launched a separate website to promote his music career, and in June, Arianna launched a website for her business(which she designed with her business partner, but Aaron executed for her).

The blog was my idea, thinking I wanted to keep friends and family informed on things we were up to. I tend to post entries in bursts, sometimes with many months in between. Yeah, I know, real bloggers are more prolific, but we try. Anyway, we hope you enjoy the content and stories.

Our family website

Aaron’s Marco Aziel website

Arianna’s Rapunzel’s MPO website

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