Arianna’s 8th Birthday!

Today was my 8th  birthday. Last night, I had a sleepover party with 5 friends, some from school and some from church. We did a lot of dancing and swung our hips. Daddy took a video, and will try to post it later. Here we are after cake, opening presents. This is a Panda Bear necklace I got from Rory and Maeve. That’s Maeve behind, saying “Oh, brother!”

Today, we went to Target to get my gift, a Polly Pockets Water Slide. I took some pictures after I put it together. You have to put real water into it. Here is the slide and the dolphin ride:

This is just the slide:

This is a dolphin in the dolphin ride:

Also today, I spied another yellow bird outside out house. We got the camera, and took a picture. It’s a little blurry because we had to zoom in a lot. I looked it up in my Michigan bird book, and found out its’ called a Common Yellowthroat. This one is the female, which looks puffier and not as bright as the male:

BTW, Arianna noticed that the date on these pictures says 2008, but that’s because the camera batteries keep falling out and messing with the date. Daddy fixed it now.