Daddy and Arianna time in Michigan

   Arianna and Eddie have been hanging out in Michigan while the boys are in Texas and Cyndi is in Mexico. We called Grandma Amy on her 91st birthday and sang Las Mananitas, which is a tradition in Eddie’s family that Grandpa Tony and Grandma Amy started a long time ago. So Arianna wanted to play Adam’s little guitar, and then, she wanted to play Aaron’s bass guitar. Turns out that the bass guitar is really, really heavy, even Aaron’s small one. Anyhow, here are pics of a future musician:
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   Today, we went to the Ann Arbor Hands On Museum. This is a favorite place of ours to visit, although we only seem to pull it off once a year or so. We were looking for something to do today, and Eddie thought of taking a drive to go see it for a little while. Arianna likes visiting the first floor(there are four or five, I think), where there are lots of thing geared for people her age and size. This thing she is playing with has a suction screen, and you place these tiles on it, which are sucked to the surface by a vacuum pulling through little tiny holes in the screen. But there is a time limit, and after a while, the vacuum stops and all the pieces fall down, and then you have to make something new. I shot the first picture as the pieces were falling, but I decided to post this one, and one of her at the entrance to the museum. As you can see, she chose full blown pink camo, with pink flip flops.
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