Girls Rule, Boys Drool

   This is a picture of Arianna with the two daughters of one of our neighbors, who came over to play tonight. That’s Gabby(Gabriel, whom you met here in April) on the left, and Desi(Desiree) in the window. They are close in age, 4 and 5. We’ve been spending a lot of time with the neighbors lately, and the kids are loving it. Naturally, the kids enjoy playing with someone their age, but I have to admit having the kids entertain themselves together helps take a load off the parents.
   Tonight, I am babysitting to give the neighbor a break. We had dinner, played outside, watched a movie(for about 5 minutes), played Chutes and Ladders, and now they are playing house with Arianna’s Barbies. There’s a mommy doll and two daughter dolls(big sister and little sister). Oh, and the saying “Girls Rule, Boys Drool” comes from their househhold.

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