Arianna’s birthday party

Due to Cyndi’s flaky travel schedule, Arianna had her birthday party a bit early – last Friday night.  8 girls from school, the neighborhood and church gathered to giggle up a storm, decorate pillow cases and eat cake (heart shaped, with pink frosting and exceedingly generous sprinkles).  Six of them spent the night.  Imagine my surprise when at 8:00 pm they all stood up and said, “Let’s get our pajamas on and brush our teeth!” like it would be the coolest thing in the world.  Eddie looked at me and said, “Yep.  Girl parties are different.”

It would be too much to ask that they all went right to sleep.  That didn’t happen.  Most of them stayed up whispering, sneaking around and arguing over who got to hold the flashlight until almost midnight.  Then they all got up at 6 am! (Stinkers.)  At least one shocked mother complained about how she had to drag her daughter out of bed on schooldays.  I thought this wasn’t supposed to start for another couple of years.  But then, Arianna does have two older brothers to keep up with.

Gifts for the occasion included:  Barbie bride doll (with light up, flashing engagement ring), 2 sets of pajamas, a  back pack that looks like a stuffed dog, and origami book with paper (from the crafty friends), and a toy baby monkey.  The toy monkey givers made up for the “moves and makes sounds” feature on the monkey with a donation to the Jane Goodall Roots and Chutes foundation.  At least the monkey goes to sleep.  More quickly than Arianna does, I must say.

Tomorrow is the actual Big Day.  Arianna gets to pick the restaurant for a dinner out.  She did a timeline of her life to present at school, while they eat Birthday snacks.

So more tomorrow.
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