Come on in, the Chowder’s Fine…

“Won’t you bring back, Won’t you bring back Mrs. Murphy’s Chowder
It was tune full, every spoonful, make the yodel louder
After dinner Uncle Ben used to fill his fountain pen from a plate of Mrs. Murphy’s Chowder

It had ice cream, cold cream, benzine, gasoline
Soup beans, string beans floating all around
Sponge cake, beef steak, mistake, stomache ache
cowbells, doorbells, beckon you to die
meatballs, fishballs, mothballs, cannon balls
Come on in, the chowder’s fine”

Thursday, Arianna had her spring concert, for lower elementary school, grades 1-3. This is what they teach your kids when you send them to an expensive private school…someday, I’ll ask Adam write an entry on Toe, Knee, Chest, Nut, which he sang years ago.