Don’t Worry, I Got Music, II

   Last Sunday, Adam was asked to play the hand drum during a dramatic reading of Genesis. I knew about this one week before that Sunday, except that I FORGOT TO TELL ADAM! So, we show up Sunday morning, and they ask, “Where’s Adam? We need to rehearse the reading?” OOPS!
   So I got downstairs to retreive Adam from Rite-13 class, and tell him he’s going to play the hand drum during a reading, and we’re rehearsing it now. Adam gives me that “what the heck?!” look, which I totally deserved. We go upstairs, and our reader and Adam work out a few things, mostly, that this is the story of creating, of God toiling away and working hard and making noise while making things, and on the last day, He rested.
   It is really hard to communicate what happened during the service, in front of the congregation, but it was magical. Our reader, Patricia ‘Pat’ Mussin, is especially gifted at this sort of thing, and Adam was able to play this simple, little hand drum, and provide what I can best describe as additional emotion to the profound story of creation. Adam got lots of compliments from the congregation afterwards for the contribution he made to bible verses that everyone already knew so well.
   Don’t worry Dad, I got music, too.