Passing the Enchilada Torch

Last year, Arianna asked me to make her and her friends enchiladas for her birthday. This year, she asked me to TEACH her to make them! So we did. Those of you who’ve eaten my enchiladas, and/or who’ve had my mom’s know the secret to good ones is the sauce. Arianna knows this. So she manned the stove while I taught her what to do.

DSCN615201_webShe and her friend, Sarah, helped rolled them up.



DSCN615604_webI asked Arianna what she thought of them, and, ever the perfectionist(my fault), she said they weren’t as good as mine or mom’s. But when I asked her if they were better than the best Mexican restaurant we usually go to, she said hers were better. And I when I asked Sarah, she hesitated, then explained that when she really likes something, she can’t talk because she’s eating them.

I’m very proud of Arianna for learning to do this. She was asking me who taught my mom, and I didn’t actually know. So I asked mom, who said this was her recipe. I’ve been trying to perfect what mom taught me for a long time. Some years ago, during a visit to Texas, I caught mom adding a secret ingredient she never told me about before. So I taught that to Arianna while we were cooking. And tonight, when I was bragging to mom about this, she gave me another secret ingredient she’s been using. No, I’m not sharing, but we’ll use it next time Arianna and I cook together.

After dinner, they had little tiny tarts they picked out at the store:

DSCN615806_webHappy Birthday!