The Trinity Cross

Yesterday, I received a very great honor from my church, Trinity Episcopal Church. Peter Gregory, Arianna’s godfather, delivered a very nice speech, and what his words could not convey, his emotions did. He is a devoted father and Christian. He sets high standards and has his priorities in the right place. And he himself was honored with the Trinity Cross many years ago. I was so happy that Cyndi was there at my side to witness(yes, she cried), and I immediately thought of my parents. Mom, Dad, this is for you. The note below is from Fr John, who describes what this is about:

PS: although the lighting makes it seem like gold, it is actually a beautiful pewter.

Dear Friends,

When I first arrived at Trinity, someone said to me, “why do we only honor people at the end of their lives?” It was a great question, and at the annual meeting in 1987 we began honoring people each year who had served Christ and this parish through many years of ministry and service. Every year at the annual meeting we choose a few people who have shown us the light of Christ day in and day out, and who make the ministries here better.

You cannot “win” this award, nor can you “earn” it. We pay tribute to a few people each year with the Trinity Cross as our way of saying, “you have inspired us, and served us for many years in the name of Christ-and we pay homage to you and give you our thanks.”

Someone recently said to me, how are the people chosen who receive the Trinity Cross. Usually I come up with a few names of people that I think have done outstanding ministry for a long time and talk to several other long time members, asking their opinions. And then I choose the 3 or 4 who best exemplify for that year the gifts of long standing service, excellence, and faith in our parish.

A few years ago I opened it up by asking those who have been awarded the Trinity Cross for their thoughts. It worked so well that we continue it this every year. So, let me know who you think should be honored . Please mail me the names of one or two Traditionally we choose 3 or 4. You must put your name on the nomination, and it would help if you could explain briefly why you believe they should receive the Trinity Cross. This will be kept in confidence.

The criteria that I use are:

  1. several years of service to the people of Trinity,
  2. great ministry, touched the lives of many, and
  3. an inspiring faith in Christ.

Believe it or not, this is how you were chosen.

God bless,
Fr. John