Yeah…he made that

Some of you might know we have someone in the family who can forge iron: Cyndi, who took a forging class at MIT in her undergrad years. Yes, she is a rocket scientist, and she can also pound iron into submission, bending it to her will. Yeah, yeah, she can also knit socks and fingerless gloves, and makes THE BEST gazpacho in the world, but we’re talking about a rocket scientist who can forge iron, and has two degrees from MIT! Anyway, where was I going with this? Oh, yeah.

I am pleased to say we can now add another artisan skill to the family: Aaron can blow glass. He is taking glass blowing at Baron GlassWorks, here is Michigan. I hope to add more pictures of the stuff he’s making, but here is the first one. This is a seeding dome, with a leaf curled over on the top. Those of you who know Aaron well can totally picture him blowing glass, can’t you? Totally.

BTW, of all the totally cool side benefits that come with having someone in the family who is blowing glass, my favorite one so far: I have finally seen, with my own eyes, a pool of liquid glass, right there in the furnace. Wicked.