Toledo Zoo

I went to the Toledo Zoo with Kathryn Truesdell and we saw the baby eliphant Lucas

In the aviary there was a cool bench with Kathryn’s favorite statue .  My favorite bird in the aviary was this purple shiny bird it was so pretty but it kept going so high I couldn’t see it. Another section of the aviary there was a baby bird he was so cute!

thanks Miss Kathryn for taking me to the zoo

Images of a Summer Saturday

This weekend, I was home alone with Arianna while Cyndi went out shopping, and the boys were out at the zoo with their girlfriends. The weather was so nice I  invited her to come outside. So I lay in my hammock, and she lay in one of the lounge chairs, and I couldn’t resist taking this shot with my phone(we were both reading our books, but my book is not bigger than my face):

Later that night, we went over to a party for current and former leaders of the church youth group. A storm blew in after dinner, but afterwards, there were some beautiful clouds lit from underneath by the sunset. This is sort of what they looked like. At time like this, a phone camera really doesn’t do it justice:

The Harrisville Beach Spa, Part I

This weekend, we went camping at Harrisville State Park with the Hansknecht family, one of our close friends from church. Arianna and Tessa(whom you’ve see high in a tree in an earlier post this summer) spent much time together on the beach. Here is a pair of sand bath tubs they made, on the coast of Lake Huron: