Easter Sunday 2011

Easter Sunday at Trinity Episcopal Church is always a special event when we’re here. Some years ago, the church decided that we ought to go the extra mile and wear hats, and the congregation responded with enthusiasm. Here’s ours:

Here are some shots of Arianna with some close Trinity friends. The short one is Elizabeth, and the tall one is Ariel. Ariel’s father is Arianna’s godfather.

Over the last several years, I have been asked to play “Lord, I Lift Your Name on High” for the recessional, but this year, the Praise Band was asked to play it with me. I decided that the kids could do it by themselves, and once again, they rocked the house. We added yet another musician by asking young Riley to play cowbell on the shout chorus. The last time we played, he came up to talk to Adam about playing the drums, and began taking lessons. So I put him to work!  Here’s some pics of them rehearsing before the service:

Bolivian Tree Llamas

Sunday, I went out to the backyard and found these things crawling around in my tree. I decided to feed them, hoping they’d come back. Their names are Arianna, Elizabeth and Tessa.

For some reason, Arianna is not the kid on the highest branch. She’s slacking off, I think we’re gonna have a talk about that.


My new addiction

Hello, my name is Eddie and I’m an engineer addicted to cool electrical and mechanical things. Like this helicopter I built on my newly found workbench. I flew it tonight. Allow me to repeat that: I FLEW IT TONIGHT, WOO-HOO!!!

Oh, and just to brag a bit, in the same evening that I finished building this chopper (which has a mind boggling number of screws, every single one of which I painstakingly used lock-tite on), I also installed our new garbage disposal (Adam helped me). AND THEN I FLEW THIS THING!

Let’s just say I’m extremely excited!!!