Hey, I found the workbench in the basement!

Several years ago, my very thoughtful wife bought me a workbench for Christmas. Adam and I used it to build our first airplane.  Aaron and I have done much soldering on it. Arianna and I have used it for various projects. Like all workbenches, it was The Place for Tinkering by men of Very Little Brain.

Over the years, however, it became more and more cluttered, and the wood surface, despite my obsessing about it, somehow got glue and epoxy all over it. It had become the place to take things in need of repair, where those things languished until, by some miracle of motivation, they finally got fixed, or they received their last rites. More often than not, things simply languished, and this place became more of a junkyard/graveyard than a place to do work.

This week, thanks a very nice bonus from Ford Motor Company, I was able to afford a cool, new project. But first, I was in need of a place to build it. After some hours in the ruins of our basement, and with the help of the boys, I was able to excavate my workbench so I could get started with that project. When I was done, Aaron said “Wow. LIke, wow”.

I thought I’d share my discovery with you, and re-express my thanks to my wife. Now to get started on that project…