Blast from the Past: Blue Skies Trio

About four months ago, I’d gotten a little fancy and somewhat ambitious and launched the Trinity Youth Praise Band on ReverbNation and Facebook . At the time, I promised that I’d follow that up by doing something similar for the Blue Skies Trio. Well, it’s finally done!

This was a really special time, and I’ll always remember it fondly. We think we were pretty decent, people told us they loved to hear us play, and most of all, we had a really good time playing and sharing the gift of music. I was privileged to have had that opportunity, and will treasure that always.

As I mentioned in that other post, Cyndi helped me put together a quarter, but that effort and experience so far is worthy of its own post. I hope you enjoy listening to the Trio as much as we enjoyed playing. Troy, Garrett, I miss you guys!