Ah, This is the Life

This morning, we awoke to the sounds of feet pounding up and down the stairs, and padding around the kitchen. Considering that the boys were both at Bass Lake, this was a lot of pounding and padding. Eventually, we got up to see what Arianna was up to, and guess what we found? HOT BREAKFAST!

She was very proud to have mixed the eggs, get the right pan, turn on the stove, cook and then turn the stove off, all by her-almost-nine-year-old-self. She even put eggs on the shopping list because we were getting low. Then she told us that she had also put her clothes in the wash, two loads, actually. Finally, we were treated to fruit smoothies, which meant that she had run the blender! This last one explained why we found the door to our bedroom shut; she didn’t want to wake us while running the blender.

This put Cyndi in a house cleaning mood, so we went to attack the bathrooms; Cyndi and Arianna took upstairs and took the downstairs. I also cleaned the basement mess, because I forgot the change the lint filter in the washtub and water splashed on the floor when Arianna’s load went into the rinse cycle, ick. Around lunchtime, Arianna came to me in the downstairs bathroom, and took my lunch order, with pad and pencil. A few minutes later, she declared lunch was ready. No, it was more like LUNCH IS READY, DADDY! Here’s what she made me:

But it didn’t stop here. After making breakfast, doing her own laundry, cleaning the bathrooms, and making us lunch, she wanted to make cupcakes. But now that we were up, she got mommy to help her:

So, how was YOUR Saturday morning?

Craftsman Hamster Castle Cleaner Attachment

While Cyndi was out running errands, I helped Arianna clean out Fluffy’s cage. When she cleans his cage, she has to put him somewhere else. Usually, she puts him in the hamster ball, and he rolls around kitchen for a while. But today, he didn’t want to go into the ball, so we put him in his castle. This was a gift from Tricia, which came with lots of residents(king, queen, common folk, horseys, etc). But right when Arianna decided she was done playing with the castle, she got the hamster, and this is what we used before we got the hamster ball. How many hamsters do you know who have a vacation castle in the suburbs?

Anyhow, even the vacation house needs to be be cleaned. You can imagine not only all of the bits of food, sunflower seed carcasses, and miniature hamster scale dust bunnies laying around, but also hamster droppings. She was going to use this little miniature broom and dustpan I have, when I got the brilliant idea to fire up my air compressor. Hey, it’s summer outside. Well, after we got the protective goggles on, she literally had a blast. She got stuff out of every single nook and cranny. Man, that castle has not been this clean since new! This is far easier and more effective than the little tiny broom. Chalk up another use for Craftsman power tools.