Yet another upgrade to my drumset….

Here I am, with another purchase for my drum set: cymbals. Thanks to both sets of grandparents and Debbie for the Christmas cash I used to pay for these, along with Dad chipping in as a birthday gift. I chose to buy the ZBT series from Zildjian. It sounds much, much better than the cymbals my kit came with. Here are a few photos of the new cymbals:

Me with the cymbals still in-box

A picture of the new hi-hats

Mount Abstract

A couple weeks ago (or maybe it was just one week?) Arianna and I were home alone because Dad had to go to Adam’s swim meet and didn’t get back until 4 or 5 pm. He gave us limits on the computer and told me that I had to play with her some. So after lunch, I asked her what she wanted to do. At first, she “didn’t know” (sounds familiar…) but after a while, she decided that she wanted to paint. So we got out a bunch of old newspapers and what-not, then we got out the acrylic paints we got for Christmas two years ago. I got out this really small canvas that I also got two years ago for Christmas, and started wondering what to even paint. So I started messing around with some techniques I had never tried before. I was just using brown, and soon the whole canvas was pretty much just brown. Don’t ask me how, but at that point I saw a mountainside in the midst of the brown, so I went with that. After not being satisfied with the way it started to look, I broke out the pallet knives that I got for Christmas two years ago (what else, an easel?). I did this because you always see Bob Ross painting rocks with a pallet knife, and the mountain I was imagining was just rock; No trees or bushes or anything. The pallet knife worked. I was satisfied. The funny thing is, it doesn’t really look much like a mountain at all. I like it.

Arianna says that the little “mountain” that’s supposedly in the background looks like a tree stump. Can’t really blame her, can you?