Road trip math, Hernandi style

So, during the trip, we were listening to a story, and the reader mentioned 5 dozen things. Arianna asks what is five dozen, and I told her “It is five twelves.” About six seconds later, she says “That’s 60!” I said, “Wow, that was fast. Did you already know what five times twelve is?” And she says, “No, I just did five, ten, fifteen, twenty…sixty!” I thought about this, and I said, ” Ah, so you turned it around and did twelve fives, eh?” She says, “Yeah(implying duh!), it’s the same thing.”

To which Aaron adds, “Yeah, Dad, it’s the same thing, commutative property. Duh.”

I love getting pwned by my kids.

Road trip!

We just finished a two day drive to my ‘crib’ in San Antonio, TX. It took a while, but I’m very glad to be here. Adam was old enough to help me drive, this time. The kids did well.  Adam and I shared the front seats and driving/navigation duties. Therefore, Aaron and Arianna had back seat to themselves, and the little center section for drinks and things.

Here is Arianna with two of her guys, G.P.(for Guinea Pig) and Squirrel. As is her tradition, she never names her animals:

And here is a wonderful sunset, taken in North Texas: