Tattoos, too

So, while my family was away, I got carried away: I got myself a tattoo! See, Cyndi started it, by getting a Henna tattoo while learning to belly dance(long, MIT story; and you thought she was going to grad school But, I chickened out and got a fake one. Then, I got really stupid and got myself sunburned that very afternoon. So, the cool part is, when the tattoo washed off, I got a negative of it:

Make Lemonade

So, Aaron is sick with a fever. We went to the Dr and got our prescriptions, but advised Adam he couldn’t go to the movies with a new ‘little friend’ of his, just to be safe. Adam was very bummed. So, instead of going to the movies, he’s playing with his brother Aaron. This is what the saying is all about: “When life hands you lemons…”

PS: If you look closely, they are playing two games: Battleship and Scrabble. And Adam is reading a book! I love my kids…