Party week in Michigan!

Cyndi came out to visit for her spring break this week, and we made the best of it. We went out with our friends from church two nights in a row, and Cyndi also took Arianna with her to Ladies Night at church Friday. The week started when Cyndi sort of forgot to stop at a motel on the way here and drove the distance in one day. The kids were surprised in the morning when they woke up Sunday to find Cyndi already here. And in church Sunday, she was swamped with well wishers and fellowship. I was glad for that, because her flight out of here this coming Sunday prevents her from attending church before she goes.

Last night, we had a BALL at our friends’ annual double birthday party at a local bar, Frenchie’s, in Ypisilanti. Catherine and Lauri celebrate their birthday’s together, and brings all sorts of cool uninhibited friends. The theme this year was Western, so Cyndi and I dug up my western gear and even brought stuff for my friend, Pete(Arianna’s godfather). Here are some of the less incriminating photos.

Cyndi and I early on, before too many drinks(mom, notice how relaxed I am already):

Me and Pete after a few:

Two rowdy friends, Judy and Amber, after a few more:

And finally, me and one of the birthday girls, Catherine, after a few more. Clearly, she’ wears’ tequila better than I do:

So this is how we roll when we roll, which isn’t very often. But like I said, we make the best of it, and we share it with cool, supportive (and I should add tolerant) friends. Tonight, I think we’re taking the kids out for dinner and some fambly time for our last night together until April.

What’s Cyndi been up to?

Cyndi has been reading a lot of Harvard Business School case studies (for my Technology Strategy class), researching robotic assisted surgery (for both Technology Strategy and Disruptive Innovation), and trying to remember how to do calculus for Engineering Risk Benefit Analysis (ERBA).  It’s probably more than you want to know, but here is part of what I worked on Tuesday night for ERBA:

The research on robotic assisted surgery has been more interesting.  I’m learning a whole bunch of -ology and -otomy medical terms in the process.  The most fun find was the video on youtube  – folding an origami crane with the da Vinci robotic surgery system.  (  I managed to get project teams in 2 different classes to work on the same subject area.  That’s nice because I only have to do the general research once.  Every little bit counts!

Cosmic Objects in the Hernandez Foyer

The other day, we were removing all our winter coats from being outside when it was SINGLE DIGITS! And I saw this, and told Arianna to wait right there while I got the camera. Seems like she was hiding a neutron star in her heavy white coat pocket, and wouldn’t you know it, she was wearing a cosmic string around her neck!

The cute part was, long after I took the picture and after she showed off this amazing thing to the boys, she patiently stayed there for a long time, watching the static cling wear off. Aaron said we should use some fabric softener next time we put Arianna in the washing machine…