Anyone seen Woodstock?!

I woke up this morning to see how much snow had fallen last night, and saw the birdbath outside our window. So I figured I would go outside and take some photos of that and the bird feeders. We’ve gotten a lot more snow than this, but there’s only so much that will stay on top of things like birdbaths and bird feeders. Alas, our sidewalk and driveway hold it all, and after this, I had to shovel it out of the way…

Debut of an aspiring writer

During my visit to San Antonio, I got to know some of my cousin Tina’s kids. Tina is the eldest daughter of my Crazy Tio Martin. I was really impressed by her oldest daughters, Amy and Mikaela. Both are determined to get into really good, out of state schools, and were asking Cyndi and I advice about how to improve their chances of admission. I was very pleased to meet such ambitious young people, and glad to meet someone else in the family who could recognize the benefits of moving far away for college.

Amy is an aspiring writer, and one of the ideas we discussed was establishing a reputation and demonstrating her skills and abilities for the colleges she was interested in. She loves to write, and had already started a blog some time ago, but it sort of died away. After speaking with us, she became enthusiastic about re-establishing an online presence, and just today, decided to give it another shot. I am proud to announce her blog here, and have added it to our “other blogs we read” on the left sidebar. She’s very special. Even the title is unique. I hope you enjoy Neutral Equilibrium

Anime Studio 5

I have a computer animation program called Anime Studio. Its a cartoon animation program that i found at office max. I looked up up online and found it for half price, and wound up getting it for christmas. It’s pretty fast once you have characters in place. I looked at some of the tutorials, then started making a cartoon. It’s about two people: akward Steve, and akward Fred. Very quickly, they turn into angry Steve and angry Fred. I don’t know what the argument is, though. My dad had and idea, and that was to have a contest for the little dialog they have in the clip.  Take a look at my page to see the clip and submit ideas for the dialog.

Supplies are running low, but morale is high. We are hopeful…

I bought two gallons of milk on Monday, and for the heck of it, declared “Aaron only” for one gallon, and “everyone else” for the second gallon. You can see that Aaron drinks approximately 75% as much milk as the rest of us combined. In four days.

When the kid hits further into puberty, I’ll be accepting grants to support his habit. Maybe I’ll have to hold one of those Farm Aid type benefit concerts, you know, Aaron Aid 2009. Or more accurately, Dad Aid.

Cyndi finally comes up for air

This just in from Cyndi:

First week here at MIT has been non-stop – even beyond typical MIT level. We’re
doing a design challenge using the Lego Mindstorms robotics, which takes up the
evenings. So my schedule has been 8 am to midnight here every day this week.
The competition is tomorrow, then I can sleep.

My on campus room isn’t available until Feb 4. I don’t have the room number &
address yet. Will send it when I do.

My laptop finally arrived today. I’ve been using a loaner from Tricia and John
for the last few days. It will be good to have my own and get everything set
up properly.

The SDM program shares space with the leaders for manufacturing (LFM) program.
There are work spaces, a student lounge and breakroom. Also lockers, so I have
a place to leave things during the day. Nice set up, really. So far I’ve
received the SDM logo backpack and a very warm SDM logo fleece jacket. Good
thing. The classroom we’ve been in all week is cold.

Great group of people here, from all over the world. My design challenge team
includes people from China, Chile, India and San Antonio.

So the summary so far is good people, good teachers, Lego robots and not much

More updates later.

Epic Football Game In texas

On new years eve, many of the kids and even some outside the hernandez family went to play football in a giant field. Dad was the official photographer of the match, and shot many good pictures. James and I switched teams about five minutes in to make it more fair, but the team I switched to won anyways. Today, I edited two of the best pictures and labeled them “epic jump”.

Gilbert jumping for an interception                                        Me Jumping for an interception
This is what I did to them using GIMP 4.0
P.S. neither inteceptions were actually made, but the catches weren’t either.