Catholic Central at Ford Field

   Saturday, Adam’s high school football team played for the Catholic League Championship. They played at Ford Field, the home of the Detroit Lions. It was my and Arianna’s first time there, but the boys have been there before with a friend for a Lions game.
   The game was hard fought for three quarters, until DeLaSalle broke the tie with a timely touchdown, and a minute or so later, on our next possession, intercepted a pass for a touchdown. We lost 14-28.
   This was Adam’s first time marching on a pro-football field in a pro stadium, so I was very excited for him. I remember marching into Texas stadium in Austin for the state finals many years ago, and just about falling over at the size of the stands. Adam said it was pretty hard to hear themselves with the size of the place and the echoes. But we had a good time.
   Aaron and Arianna in front of the logo inside the stadium:

Adam’s team on the field, the band in the stands on the right:

The kids outside Ford Field, Adam in uniform:

Arianna Takes Guitar Lessons

   Two weeks ago, while we were at music lessons, Arianna said she wanted to take lessons, too. So the following week, we brought Adam’s little guitar to see if it was small enough for her hands. The teacher said yes, it was, so this week, she had her first lesson.
   The teacher, Chuck, who is also Aaron’s bass teacher, said she did really well. Thanks to Miss Pat, the music teacher at DHMC, Arianna already knew what notes and rests were, and how to count, so they got a real headstart in her book. She is consistently strumming up and down with her pick, which is the proper habit.
   Tonight, after dinner, she picked up the guitar, set up the music stand, placed the book, and started practicing without anyone telling her. Yeah! We take music lesons at Marrass Music.

No tattoos to report

“We have many, many stories to tell. Had to make the most of it, you guys might not let us come back.

No tattoos.

Justyna unsuccessful in selling me to admiring Indian guy for 12 cows.

Know more about Mick Jager and Irish driving than I care to know.

Spent bail money on tires. Thus had to be good for the rest of the trip. “

I was going to tell you which of the girls sent this last update, but it is more fun to keep all of you guessing…it’s past 1am over there, and they’re still emailing me.


This in from Cyndi:

“I think Trish copied you on the email about bouncing sheep butts, harrowing roads and cliffs – rounding off the time in Ireland. First day in London was long, but great.

Arrived at Heathrow about 9 am. Found our way to the guesthouse, near the Oxford Circus tube station. The rooms upstairs are booked for guests like us, and downstairs gets rented out for photo shoots, films and raucous parties. Some, um, interesting photos of events here in the memory book / photo album. Boy George’s party looks like on big Rocky Horror fest.

On the other end of the spectrum is Hampton Court. We spent the afternoon there. Tricia took about 300 photos of the embroidered panel she came to see. Justyna and I hung arounf for a while then went to see the castle. Carved wood & stone everywhere. And fancy painting on walls and ceilings (tromp l’oile). Had tea at the Privy Kitchen. That’s where Trish found us after she talked to you.

Excellent Indian food for dinner near Picadilly Circus. Picadilly is a bit like Times Square, but with older, more ornate buildings.

Having a hard time finding gifts for the boys. Maybe better luck tomorrow.

I love you. Hugs and kisses to you and the kids.

PS. Whiskey or Bristol cream?


Oh, yeah, Harvey’s Bristol Cream all the way!

CC Drum Feature

Last week, we had the homecoming football game. To get everyone fired up, we had a giant assembly on Friday (it was three hours long!). There was a lot of speeches, the unveiling of the senior mural, and the preview of the CC Dumline’s Drum Feature. I am near the back playing cymbals. At the end I’m the one nearest the camera. Here is a video of it taken from the stands.

The Irish Are Insane, But Know How to Cure Hangovers

This in today, from Tricia:

“On the way to Cork now. Did the landscape today –

Sheep in road
Best rainbows and leprocans(sic)
Driving like maniacs.

I did 6 hrs on a cliff today. So close to the walls that Cyndi picked berries from the window. I earned my stripes. Did you know that a river and highway can coexist on a hairpin curve above the valley of death? You will have no idea what I mean until you see the video.

The Irish are insane.


And then:

“Irish coffee has nothing on Irish oatmeal. Imagine that lovely spirits are poured ontop of the brown sugar and then cream is added.

Tasted good.

Cured Justyna’s pub hangover.

Those Irish know all the tricks!


The Castle:

The Coastline:

Cyndi in Europe, Day One: Barely Coherent Blobs of Jelly

   For those of you who don’t know, Cyndi and her two best friends, college roomates Tricia and Justyna, are taking a 40th birthday trip to Europe right now. They arrived this morning at 5am local time, and spent six hours in a fancy spa. What a way to recover from jet lag! Cyndi was planning on posting blog entries when she returned, but I couldn’t resist putting part of her recent email here:

“Spa was great!  Salt scrub exfoliation, seaweed wrap, hot stone therapy massage all before lunch. Then lunch and back for a facial and hand and foot massages. We are barely coherent blobs of jelly. Trying to clean up for dinner and go for a walk to stay awake. – Love You”

Sounds like a great start to me.

Mr Mom