Adam’s First Half Time Show

   Adam started attending Detroit Catholic Central HighSchool last week, August 18. Wow, he’s a freshman! He is now 5’4″, as tall as me, but he has bigger feet, so I expect he’ll get taller still. 
   He joined the high school band and got on the drumline as a cymbal player. I was very happy about this, since I remember many good times from my high school band days and Friday night lights. I hope Adam enjoys it as much as I did, and builds great friends and memories.
   Last night, for the first time ever, I sat in the stands without my clarinet. I was now a band parent, and assumed the role my parents did for me over 25 years ago. The band sits on one end of the stands, but at this high school, there is a student section that sits right next to the band, all wearing white tshirts, led by their pep squad. So that part of the stands is pretty loud, with lots of spirit.
   We sat somewhere around the 50 yard line to get a good view. The band marched out before the game and played the school  fight song and then the Star Spangled Banner. The football game was a good one, pitting our school with a strong running game against another school with a strong passing game. The halftime show was pretty good, different than Texas style high school band, and there was a drumline feature song. Our team prevailed, winning 34 -14, with a last second 99 yard interception return that thrilled the crowd. I knew that this meant Adam got to play the touchdown song lots of times.
   One of the differences between his school and mine is that the stadium is built on school property. So after the game, we simply walked to the band hall to wait for Adam; again, I was thinking of my parents doing the same thing long ago, waiting for me to come out, so I called them to talk about it. Adam had a good time, and so did we. I am really looking forward to this new chapter in the book of parenthood.

   If you squint, like we had to do, you can just make out Adam in the drumline. That’s what I get for forgetting the camera; this is from my cell phone:

Adam with the cymbals at the parents’ presentation last week:

Aaron’s new music page

Yesterday, on August 15th, I launched a new webpage for all the music i write. A couple years ago(I think fourth grade) I started writing music with MTV music generator. It’s a program where you choose “riffs” to go together in sequence. This year(or a little before) I started writing with music masterworks. With this program you add notes in order, not choose pre-made riffs. This allows for much more possibilities, but the sound quality is a little worse because it saves to a *.mid file instead of *.wav file. but midi files are a lot smaller so they fit better in games. Plus, MTV music generator tends to crash the computer time to time. So now that the music history lesson is over, here’s a link to the page:

Mariachi and electric bass?

   The other day, we were practicing for our upcoming Sunday music at church, which we do every year during the summer. Aaron decided to put on my Mariachi sombrero, complete with the “it wasn’t me, it was my guitar” T-shirt, and we managed to get a picture, after much gnashing of teeth. Yeah, we’re related.

Yellow Stone No. 3

This is the third Yellow Stone entry made by Aaron. Me and Mom wanted to take pictures of things to paint when we got back home, and so we did. We went to a really cool canyon and took pictures of it. we have yet to paint it though…
This is a picture from the bottom of the valley.

This is a picture from the front of the valley where the water comes from.

We also stopped by a lot of rivers while driving, and we found some people white water rafting in them.

That’s all for now, we’ll take a short commercial break!

Day Camp Counselors and String Tricks

While the boys spent this last week up in camp Michi-Lu-Ca, Arianna spent the week at the day camp version here at Trinity Episcopal Church. As host church of the day camp, some families took turns hosting the traveling counselors for dinner. Tuesday was our night, and Cyndi chose to make gazpacho, a Spanish tomato soup served cold, which went down well on this hot summer day. However, most of the dinner was spent with a loop of string Arianna had. She and all the counselors played some serious tricks with this string, making patterns and exchanging the string between themselves. Here is Arianna playing with counselor J.D, as he tries to rescue a string exchange, making funny comments that made Arianna laugh.