Chalk art competition

On saturday, July 28, Aaron and Mom(and Arianna) went  to another chalk art event. The only difference was that this time, it was a competition. We didn’t stay long enough for the jugdes to come out, and we still don’t know the outcome, but this was our entry.

It is a pastel picture by Kandisky called “Upwards”.
Just for kicks, here is a picture of the picture in progress:

Adam’s New Drums

I got my new acoustic (not electric) drum last saturday, and i have been playing them just about every day this week. i love them because you can make all kinds of effects and sounds you can’t make on an electric one. my favorite thing though is tha high hat actaully sounds diferent open or closed (the high hat is the two cymbals on one rod).

The drums came separately and we had to put them toghther, even the heads (the part you hit with the drumsticks).

That’s me about halfway done putting the drums together. My dad helped, but he’s taking the picture. It came with very confusing and undetailed instructions, so we ended up calling my drum teacher, and he gave us a website to help us until he could come over. Here’s a picture at the beginning where I’m just starting to put the bass drum together.

Well, I’m off to pratice on my new drums!

Yellowstone Entry No. 2

Now for the Yellowstone blog entry by Adam. While Aaron talked about the geological stuff, i will talk about the wildlife. We saw many wild animals, including, deer, elk, bison, moose, and tourists. All of the bison we saw were alone and sitting on the side of the road or in the fields being kinda lazy. 
We saw two that were walking down the road ahead of us like they thought they were cars, and this caused a traffic jam. This incident lead to a joke I made: “They’re big, lazy, and they stop in the middle of the road. They are…. TOURISTS!” We also saw lots of grazing deer, sometimes standing with the bison. I only saw one moose, so I don’t have to worry about the plural for that, because the plural for moose has always confused me (moose, mooses, meese). While we were taking a walk around Yellowstone (did you know that it is legal to hitchhike in Yellowstone?) we saw some elk, and they were somehat ingoring all the tourists unless the tourists got too close then they moved a few feet. Our grandpa managed to get a good shot through all of the tourists:
And finally the most populated species of wildlife found in Yellowstone, the tourists:

That’s all for today, folks! See you next week for another exciting episode of Going Wild with the Hernandi!

Vacation In Spokane, WA

   One of the days we were in Spokane, we went downtown to Riverside Park. It is a pretty nice place, with lots of attractions to play with. Normally, we are there in the winter, and skate on the outdoor ice rink. But in the summer, the rink is gone, and fairground type rides are there instead. We took the train around the park, and we wanted to take the sky ride, but it was down

   There is an interesting Jogger Sculpture at Riverside Park, with lots of bronze statues of all kinds of people jogging. A couple of years ago, the Downey’s took a picture of Adam and Aaron posing like the statues, so we thought we’d try to recapture the moment, this time with Arianna. You can see that Aaron is just too cool to pose for this.

   Another attraction we visited was Manitou Park. In the winter, there is a long sled run on a hill. But this summer, we visited the gardens of Manitou Park. There are lots of flowers, trees and bushes there, in all kinds of arrangements. I’ll let Cyndi post more in greater detail, but I thought I’d post this picture of Duncan Garden, with the kids posed for perspective.
   At the bottom of the steps are two posts, so after we walked around for a while, we came back up the steps towards the conservatory, and Aaron decided to pose as a lion, and Adam matched him. I think this says a lot about Aaron’s personality…reminds of how Snoopy liked to pose as a vulture.


Yellow Stone (entry no.1)

This is the first of a few entries about our trip to Yellow Stone national park. We could do it all in one entry but that would require patience we don’t have and the readers would get bored and not finish the whole thing. So here goes:

    One of the first things we did was go and see old faithful. It so happens that we got there as it was blasting off. This is why the picture we have isn’t that close up. We can’t quite say how high it went, all we know is that it went pretty darn high.

    Another one of the interesting things we saw were these pools of colored water that smelled like rotten eggs(literally!) due to the sulfur. There was one in particular though, that we found more peculiar than the others. It was this huge hole in the ground full of blue water called the “Saphire Pool”, and it had this one area around the middle where all the ripples and waves just stopped. It was really wierd.

    The last point of interest for this entry is when we went fishing. 3 of us caught Cutthroat trout, which of course is the kind we couldn’t keep, and the other 2(Aaron and Matthew) caught nothing. We don’t know about Matthew, but later, when we got back to Washington, we went fishing again and Aaron was the only one to catch anything, and we got to keep it so we fried it and ate it. Yummy!

There will be another entry soon!

Aaron’s Fish from the Northwest

For this summer’s vacation, we traveled to Spokane, Washington to visit Cyndi’s folks. There is much to tell about that week, but we left the boys behind an extra two weeks so they could travel in the Downey RV to Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Tetons. We’ll try to post many entries on the blog as we can stand(there are TONS of pictures), but I figured we’d start at the end of the trip, with an email from Paul.

Granda Paul writes:
“We went fishing in Yellowstone Lake while in Yellowstone and Adam caught a very nice Cutthroat Trout.  Unfortunately, it was strictly catch and release.  Aaron was skunked on that trip so I took the boys out to Williams Lake to see if we could rectify that.  Aaron caught the only fish of the day.  It was a very nice (and tasty) lake trout.  Picture attached.

They are traveling with a CD that has the other 159 pictures from Yellowstone.

We have had a really great time with them here.  The trip to and from Yellowstone is long but they didn’t complain and kept themselves occupied in their “travel” mode

Thanks for letting them stay!


Adam Graduates from 8th Grade

   Last month, before things got crazy, Adam graduated from the 8th grade. There is quite a ceremony that is held at Dearborn Heights Montessori Center. There is a speech by the teacher, then each student is introduced by one of their peers. When introduced, the student reads a speech they’ve written for the occasion. I’ll see if I can’t get Adam to write his speech here; we thought it was unique. There is a candle lighting ceremony, and music is played by three special students in the Upper Elementary as a tribute to the graduating class. Last year, Aaron was invited to play recorder, which he did flawlessly. Everyone is dressed up, and afterwards, there was an afterglow party. Middle school proved quite a struggle for Adam, and we hope he will remember his role and his lessons, but we are very proud of Adam for this accomplishment.
   Here he is with his two best friends, John and Kyle.

We love you, Adam.