Adam received 2 acceptance letters today from high schools.  One from Catholic Central (his first choice), and one from another school.  I’m not mentioning the name of the other school, because Adam didn’t even apply there.  Best of all, the Catholic Central acceptance comes with a $2000 academic scholarship, which can be renewed each year as long as he keeps a 3.9 grade point average.

Adam says, “It’s nice to know I did well enough to get into the school of my choice.”  Translation:  WooHoo!

Arianna joins the Saturday art club

There is a group class for kids at the same time that Aaron and I are having our lessons.  So Arianna came with us this past Saturday, and joined the class.    The subject was a chipmunk.  Arianna didn’t quite finish, because she was set on drawing every hair on that chipmunk.  The comment from the class teacher was, “Wow, she’s very detail oriented.”  The result is impressive.  At least to a proud mom.

Art class – charcoals

For our second art class together, Aaron and I worked in charcoal.  Messy, but fun.  Doing the fruit wasn’t so bad, but the fabric was really hard.  At least for me. Here’s the results:



Art class – pastels

Saturday was the 3rd art class for Aaron and I.  Pastels this time.  Aaron did a fabulous drawing.  Heck, even his warm up sketch is good.  Note that Aaron chose his own color scheme, instead of matching the colors of the vases in the still life.  Also,  Aaron remembered to use the smooth side of the paper, and I did not.  So as a happy accident, we were able to see the difference between working on the 2 sides (smooth vs. honeycomb texture).

Aaron’s warm up sketch:

Aaron’s pastel:

Cyndi’s pastel:

Mom and Arianna Paint the Closet

   Cyndi decided to tear out the insides of our kitchen closest, where we’ve been storing some cleaning supplies and outdoor things, like roller skates and helmets and pads, and kids backpacks. The closet was stuffed with those wire rack type shelves, and those are gone in favor of wood shelves along one side of the closet, which will leave room for brooms and vacuum cleaner, making this a pure cleaning closet.
   Naturally, Arianna wanted to help paint, so she put on old worn out clothes and we let have at it with the roller:

Adam Gets a Haircut

First off, I know that there will be mixed reactions about the fro being gone. Some people will be thinking: “Aw, man! the fro was cool!” and others will be thinking: “Yes, it’s finally gone!” like my dad. I got a haircut because the fro was getting hard to take care of and I wanted a change in style. My haircut got comments from everyone in the salon, both customers and employees. I can honestly say that my head feels lighter and colder without that mob of hair. I wonder what my friends at school will think on Tuesday…

The new haircut:

Aaron launches new chat page

This is Aaron speaking, over.*kssshhhkkk!* is launching in T minus 10 seconds… 5,4,3,2,1…
We have liftoff!!!!!!!!!*kssshhhkkk!*

It is my honor to present…
Aaron’s new chat page!!! I wanted a way to get feedback on games, new looks, and anything else my part of the website without e-mail or having to check the blog(how ironic). And anyways, It’s a good excuse to have a chat box. there will be a link to it on my mainpage, so don’t worry about having to type URLs and stuff. To make an account, simply click on the “Login” button at the bottom-left of the page. Enter a username, and a password if you don’t want anyone else to be able to use that username. Have fun chatting, over and out.*ksshhkk!*

Aaron Crews a Play

   Tomorrow night, Aaron will crew a play: Beauty and the Beast. He gets to work what they call the Crow’s Nest, where they control all the lights and sound from a room up high opposite the stage. This is something normally reserved for the middle school students, but I guess Aaron’s teacher wants his class to run it themselves. Aaron also did the artwork for the poster, which is shown below:

Hola de Mexico!

Here I am in Mexico, it’s midnight and I’m working.  I must be crazy.  If I realized that my manufacturing plant was only building on 2nd shift this week, I might have scheduled my trip differently.  Oh well.  Besides being REALLY tired, I’m surviving.  And the production launch is going pretty well.  A few issues, but no big fires.      

Because of the 2nd shift, the team from Michigan has been sleeping in a bit, and arriving at the plant at 11 am.  We work with the rest of the team back in Michigan, talk to suppliers, etc..  Production starts at 3 and runs to 1 am.  So it makes for verrrry long days.  Last night we went back to the hotel and had some dinner in the bar.  Ran into one of my customers who told me he was coming to my plant today, but hadn’t told the plant yet.  Surprise!

It all kind of reminds me of late nights at MIT working on problem sets.  Without the card games. 

Adam takes drum lessons

   For Christmas, we gave Adam drum lessons. He’s been asking about them for some time, and we’ve not gone there due to hockey and the fact that we don’t have drums. But he’s been both patient and persistent, and we thought he deserved a chance. Although Adam has been playing recorder for school like Aaron, he had not yet chosen an instrument to learn seriously until he thought of the drums. Tonight was his second drum lesson, and I thought I’d take a picture with my camera and post it on the blog.
   Here he is playing with his teacher, Dave. Dave is a college student, but seems well prepared and knowledgeable about his craft. In the first lesson, Adam was able to demonstrate that he could already read music. This allowed him to skip a lot of the book, and merited hand written lessons from Dave. Adam was so excited that he practiced on his new drum pad on the way home in the car that night. He’s been practicing almost every day, usually at the same time that Aaron practices bass. Tonight, Dave was very pleased at Adam’s progress, and had him sight read lots of new material. Then Dave modified it with notation to tell Adam which hand to use, which makes it harder to do. Then Dave had him use different hands to play different parts of the drum kit. Adam picked it all right up, so Dave decided to perform a duet with him. That’s when I took the picture.
   Between Aaron learning bass guitar and Adam learning drums, I’m a very, very happy person. Music is one of the best gifts I can think of, and I am well pleased they have both taken to it with enthusiasm and skill.