Arianna loses a tooth!

I’ve been hearing about this wiggly tooth for weeks!  Tonight it finally came out while Arianna was eating an apple.  The only problem is that we can’t find the tooth!  We had to leave a note for the Tooth Fairy.

Finally, we have a tree!

We, the Hernandi, have finally gotten our Christmas tree up! It took an afternoon, but it’s finally here! we have an artificial tree, so we first had to “fluff” the branches and put them on the tree’s “trunk”. Then we strung the lights. Aaron was hanging the lights, and Arianna was Aaron’s “doggy”. (A doggy is someone who follows the light-hanger with the bundles of lights.) About a minute after we strung the Christmas tree lights, while dad was putting lights in the window, the bottom string of lights went out. so we had to take out the bottom string, find one that worked, and string it up (this time Adam hung it up and Arianna was the “doggy”). After that was Arianna’s favorite part, putting on the ornaments. Arianna didn’t acually put the ornaments on the tree, she told us which ones to hang up. Once it was all up, we had to put the empty boxes back downstairs. I’m going to quote the comic strip ‘Heart of the City’ here saying: “What a bunch of trouble to go through considering we’re to take it all down in three weeks.”

Us fluffing the branches and putting them on.

Aaron strining lights, with Adam and Arianna as doggies.

White Christmas

Wow! That’s not your cue yet, snow! But I’m perfectly okay with the snow were having anyways. Starting last night, we’ve had a huge blizzard, and nw the snow is like… 6 inches deep! Now we don’t have to dream about a white christmas, we can just go outside and see the big blank piece of paper out there. If any of you have ever read the very last comic of Calvin & Hobbes, it’s just like that.
Check out what happened to our trash can:

And check out what happened to me!

I’m really betting there’s going to be a snow day tomorrow.

That’s a bunch of snow stacked up! Not the car!

Crazy Creators at the FIRST Lego League state competition

This is the 3rd year that Adam and Aaron have been on the FIRST Lego League ( team sponsored by our church – the Crazy Creators.  This year, for the 2nd time, the team did really well at the regional tournament and advanced to the state competition.  Unfortunately, that’s as far as it goes this year.  Aunt Debbie won’t get a call to ask if we can stay with her for the International tournament in Atlanta.

The team has a lot to be proud of.  At the regional tournament in Allen park, we finished 7th with the Robot Runs. Overall with all the scores for our highest Robot Run, Project presentation judging, Teamwork judging, Technical judging and Team Spirit, we finished 5th.  We don’t know the standings from the state competition, yet.  But we do know the team scored an “A” for teamwork, and “B” on all the other items.  Chris and John also managed a perfect 400 point robot run!  Too bad it was on the practice table.  They weren’t quite able to repeat it in competition.  Still, we know it was possible, which is a success in itself. 

This year there were 14 missions for the robot to complete. (If you want to see what they were, check  Many of the teams we saw at competition struggled to complete everything within the time limit.  Thanks to some great strategy and combination of missions, the Crazy Creators consistently finished with time to spare.  They were confident and knowledgeable in the technical and project presentations as well.

The project this year was to do an energy audit on a building in the community and propose recommendations to reduce energy usage or identify options for using alternative energy sources such as wind or solar.  The Crazy Creators did a detailed energy audit on our church, and presented their recommendations to the vestry.  We also found the Michigan Interfaith Power and Light organization.  This is a coalition of Michigan churches who are working to reduce their energy usage.  It offers members discounts on services and products (such as compact flourescent lightbulbs).  Our church, Trinity, will likely join.

I’ll post pictures soon.

Adam Wins a Game 3-2

   Adam has been playing goalie again this season. Thankfully, there is a second goalie so the team isn’t stranded when Adam is travelling with us. Adam has had a challenging season so far, as a goalie, and his team also struggled early with defense. This is a bad combination.
   Recently, however, Adam has done well. This past Monday, his team, which is currently in 9th place in the standings, beat the 8th place team. Adam was in net the whole game, and although he let in two early goals, he solid for the rest of the game. His team came back to tie it up, and in the third period, went up 3-2. It was up to Adam to hold off the opposition for the win, and he did it! A lot of time was spent in our zone(Adam’s end of the ice) in the third period as the other team got very aggressive, looking for the tie. There was even a penalty for our team, so we were playing short handed. Adam made several key stops, including a few slap shots as the other team desperately tried to pump one in, but Adam was in position every time, barely having to move to make the save. Part of being a good goalie is putting yourself ‘in the way’. If you have to move to make a save, it’s a sign that you are not in the right place. After the game, the coach told me that ‘Adam stood on his head.’ I was very proud of him, and I carried all his equipment out to the car that night.
   Today, they played the 6th place team, and we won again, this time with the other goalie in the net. Next Sunday, we play the 5th place team and Adam will be in net. Wish us luck!

Finally suicidal freefall released!

I am proud to announce the finall release of suicidal freefall on the site! The long-expected suicidal freefall and viking games are now on the internet to play at home! Please comment this entry and tell me what you think about the games. I need feedback. You too, Xalex.
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Thanksgiving in Texas

   This year, we spent our Thanksgiving with Eddie’s family in Texas. Although writing this blog entry sounds like we did lots of things, Cyndi and I did very little, choosing instead to just sit around and be pampered. Eddie especially enjoyed sleeping late and getting fed by his folks, while his folks or his brothers baby sat the kids. What a life!
   In Grandpa’s backyard this year, there was a bumper crop of pecans, and the cousins enjoyed shelling them. Here is Ariana with Nicholas, Treston and Kristian doing just that.
/images/74935-65679/DSCN1849_01.JPG” width=350 border=0>
   Another popular past time is, of course, playing video games. The boys brought their Wii, and the cousins brought their X-Box, and it seems everyone has a Nintendo DS. Here is Trevor, Aaron and Adam playing the X-Box.
/images/74935-65679/DSCN1888_01.JPG” width=350 border=0> /images/74935-65679/DSCN1890_01.JPG” width=350 border=0>

Annual Physicals for the kids

   The kids had their annual physical this week. Here are some stats:

   Adam weighs 101 lbs and is 5’1″(5’5″ with hair). That’s 50th percentile weight, 50th percentile height, up from 25/25. The doctor declares he’s hit mid-puberty, which merited a lecture on making good choices and keeping good company.
   Aaron weighs 89lbs and is 4’8.5″ tall. That’s75th percentile weight, 50th percentile height. He’s in early puberty. He showed off an elbow scab from skateboarding, which merited a lecture on wearing helmets, whereupon the kids defended their dad on his strict helmet and kneepad and, as long as they were at it, seatbelt policy. The Dr complimented Dad highly.
   Arianna weighs 45lb and is 3’7″. That’s75th percentile weight, 50th percentile height. Or, she weighs 50% of Aaron, 45% of Adam. She’s trying to skip puberty altogether and head for independent adulthood, but thankfully, still has the body of a healthy six year old girl.
   All the kids have good hearing, but Cyndi says this measured in the Dr’s laboratory conditions. In our house, the grocery store, the backyard, church, the hearing’s not so good. They have 20/20 eyesight, except for Arianna, who is ever so slightly nearsighted(not enough to require corrective lenses). Well, one of them was bound to inherit this gene. They all got shots, with Aaron volunteering to go first, and taking it like a man getting a mosquito bite and not quite noticing. Adam took it like a man getting bit by a cobra. Arianna didn’t take it at all, until we got her to calm down a bit, but she recovered quickly. After all that, Dad needed a sedative.