50 Years and 72 Years of Marriage in Texas

   This past weekend I decided to travel to Texas to celebrate my aunt and uncle’s 50th wedding anniversary. This is aunt Annie, my mom’s sister, and uncle Del Fino Alejos. They sent me an invitation, and I had enough frequent flyer miles to make a weekend blast out of it at the last second. The event was organized by their kids, themselves all grown with kids and families of their own: Pat, Joe Freddie and Lisa.
   They had a full wedding service in San Fernando cathedral in San Antonio, which I learned is the oldest cathedral sanctuary in the US, founded in 1731. There is a lot of construction in the plaza in front of the cathedral, so I was not able to get a picture of the outside, but I got some of the inside below. Like the missions of San Antonio, it’s not very fancy or very large, just simple and quaint. I thought the most interesting thing was that the remains of Jim Bowie, William Travis and Davy Crockett are entombed there in a marble coffin.
   Later, there was food and mariachis and dancing, just like their first wedding, plus a slideshow of their family pictures. After that, around midnight, they hosted everyone at their house for menudo. Everyone was glad that I made the trip(so was I). My folks and I took my grandma Amy and grandpa Tony, 91 and 95 years old, respectively, and sometimes it felt like we were sitting at the table of honor: everyone kept stopping by to say hi to them and congratulations. They have been married for 72 years! Cyndi and I have a long way to go…
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Aaron scores a soccer hat trick + 1

   One of the ways we’re going crazy is to let the boys play soccer for their school, one of the only ways they participate in school athletics. Adam is on the varsity, but due to his age, Aaron was invited to play both on the varsity and junior varsity. At first Aaron really didn’t want to play at all, but Dad sort of forced him to try a practice, and what do you know: Aaron liked it. Then Aaron balked at playing both varsity and junior varsity, but Dad said they wouldn’t have asked him if they really didn’t need him on junior varsity, and Adam also pitched in, saying Aaron was one of the better players on JV. So we talked Aaron into trying JV, not just varsity.
   So, during Aaron’s first game a couple of weeks ago, he scored two goals on the JV team! Now he was interested in playing JV. This week, there was a double header on Monday. They junior varsity played at 4:30, and the varsity played at 5:30. Furthermore, the opposing JV team didn’t have enough players, so they had to borrow members of Aaron’s team. Aaron was a stud: he scored three goals for his team(which in  hockey is called a ‘hat trick’). Then, his coaches had mercy and asked him to switch to the opposing team, where Aaron scored yet another goal for his new team mates!
   For the varsity game, it was Aaron and Adam’s team that didn’t have enough players, so both teams decided to play one short. Aaron had a couple of almost goals, especially at the end of the game, when he and Adam were both playing forward, and they put together a few strong rushes toward the opposing net, with at least one resulting in a kick that hit the goal post! It was nice seeing them work together in this envirornment, and we’re all glad Aaron joined both teams and is having fun and success.
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Warhammer 40,000: Aaron’s side of the story

Actually, dad, we did not find out about it from school friends or church friends. We found out about it

A long time ago,
in a galaxy far, far, away…
                                            Warhammer 40,000
(man i wish there was a cool way to make this scroll upward like in star wars)
We found out about Warhammer 40,000 in hobby shop called Riders where we used to go all the time when me and Adam where little(or somewhere in between little and how old we are). they had lots of cool things for a ton of different kinds of games, and stuff for different games in each kind. And of course, they had a Warhammer/Warhammer 40,000 game table that people came to play on all the time. That’s when we really found out about it. We’ve been thinking about playing it since then but when riders closed a few years ago, it was easy to forget. Then I remembered it very quickly and was much more interested when I found out my friend from shcool plays it so i read more about it on the website and decided I would start A Tyranid army.

That’s how it really happened.

WarHammer 40,000

   The latest rage at the Hernandez household is this new game that the boys got into called WarHammer 40,000. I think they found out about it from both their school friends and their church friends. They’ve been online catalogue shopping for weeks, and finally placed their order, which came in last week. From what little I can understand, it’s sort of like 3D Pokemon. There are characters with distinct shapes that are associated with unique properties, powers, weaknesses, etc. They battle each other on a playing field that you get to invent and make. Part of the lure of the game is putting together the characters and painting them. Here are pictures of Aaron priming his army, with a close up of some primed guys and a painted guy. They have names, but I don’t know what they are. I’ll get the boys to make entries about this later. They’re already in bed for the night.

He-man air tools

   Eddie has slowly been accumulating tools over the years, among them an air compressor and some air tools and a retractable hose reel(all Craftsman, naturally). The other day, we finally broke them out to work on the 1968 Oldsmobile Delta 88. I needed to do some brake inspection and bleeding, because I didn’t like the stopping perfomance last time out. When I first got the air wrench, Adam had dreams of doing a 5 second tire change just like the NASCAR boys, so I let them both him and Aaron have at the car with the fancy tools. Adam jacked up the car, I showed them how to use jack stands, and while I was at it, I of course showed them how old fashioned drum brakes worked. I even let Adam start the car. Finally, I showed them how to tighten the lug nuts in a star pattern. Don’t worry about being too tight; the little air wrench doesn’t have enough torque to overdo it, and I showed the boys how to tighten them by hand afterwards with a ‘real’ lug wrench.
   I had to make a brake adjustment, but I was relieved to find that the cylinders don’t appear to be stuck. I need to bleed the front next.
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Yea, homework!

   Arianna was very excited this week to get real, honest-to-goodness homework. She no longer has to pretend she has homework, like she often did when she was little, even up to last year. The homework is that she has to read by herself, out loud to one of us for 20 minutes. She usually reads to Mommy, and when the timer goes off after 20 minutes, Daddy makes a big show out of stomping upstairs to get her to stop reading ‘and getting too smart’. Naturally, now Arianna wants to read longer…yea, sneaky Daddy!

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